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A COUNTY FOR ALL SEASONS  2 Disc DVD $29.95 ---Available by Credit Card Order: 1-800-448-8120   


featuring soundtrack by PATRICK HAZELL

The Des Moines County Historical Society has ventured into new territory by producing a time capsule in the form of a 5-hour, 2-DVD set which focuses solely on Des Moines County. High Depth Films, led by Jon Hazell (850-8063) with production work by Phillip Menke, has been instrumental in the project.

Sales Venues:A County for All Seasons will go on sale as soon as the DVDs arrive - perhaps as early as November 5th or 6th. This may just be the best Christmas gift you can give this year. It is an all Des Moines County 2-DVD set with a cast of thousands.

The DVD will be available for viewing during the Burlington Downtown Holiday Open House on the afternoon of Sunday, Nov. 9th. We will be located in the former Iris Realty building at the northwest corner of Jefferson and Fourth. DVDs will be sold at $5 off from the normal price that afternoon.

A screening will be held at 7 p.m. on Thursday, November 13th at The Washington, 306 Washington St. in Burlington. Rumor has it that Pat Hazell may be there, too.

In lieu of the regular Des Moines County Historical Society town meeting program, the Historical Society and Burlington Public Library will co-sponsor a screening at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, November 18th at the library meeting rooms. DVDs will be sold at $5 off from the normal price that evening.

We are likely to be selling at additional venues such as Farmers Market.

Normal sales venues will be: Library Footnotes Shop, The Hawk Eye, Iowa Store, Phelps House Museum Gift Shop (Saturday and Sunday afternoons until Christmas), Remember Inn, Weird Harolds, and Zaisers.

DVDs: A 2-DVD set at $29.95.Available by Credit Card Order:1-800-448-8120. Volume discount of $5 per DVD on purchases of 10 or more from Phelps House Museum Gift Shop (open Saturdays and Sundays, 1:30-4:30 until Christmas) or manager Mary Krohlow (752-8501).

Professionally produced by the Des Moines County Historical Society in conjunction
with High Depth Films. The Historical Society anticipates sales sufficient to recoup the major cost of producing.

Today's story is tomorrow's history. This is a unique item which is destined to be handed down to the next generation.


A County for All Seasons (90 minutes) Consists of DMC events over a year beginning with the closing of the former Burlington Public Library building and the opening of the new in the fall of 2006. Contains film of many major events such as the Methodist church fire, funeral of Chief Wunnenberg, the ice storm, school activities and graduation ceremonies, Steamboat Days, etc. Also includes a 2008 epilogue which incorporates the flood. Narration by Jon Hazell. Music by Patrick Hazell, etc.

Des Moines County in a Day (20 minutes) A driving tour of the county with the camera in the passenger seat. Music by Patrick Hazell, etc.

Des Moines County Aerial Perspectives (11 minutes) An aerial tour of much of the county. Music by Patrick Hazell, etc.

The Flood of 2008 (8 minutes) Flood photos by Scott Hazell and Phillip Manke. Music by Patrick Hazell, etc.

The Diary of Edith Perkins (15 minutes) A portrayal of Edith Perkins, wife of railroad president Charles Perkins who lived at The Apple Trees in the late 1800's and early 1900's, by Bea Foss.


Manufacturing in Des Moines County (67 minutes) Consists of filming inside the plant and narration by the manager or manager's designee.
Intro by Greater Burlington Partnership President and CEO Dennis Hinkle
Case New Holland (CNH)
Federal Mogul
Iowa Army Ammunition Plant
General Electric
Tjaden Enterprises
Winegard Company
Dresser-Rand (Murray)
Flint Cliffs Manufacturing
Big River Resources
U. S. Gypsum
Lance Private Brands (Vista)

Faces in Des Moines County (23 minutes) Consists of people throughout the county, both at work and at play. Music by Patrick Hazell, etc.

Interviews: Des Moines County (58 minutes) Includes comments from various Des Moines County people on topics of current importance.
Mike Book, Superintendent of Schools (2001-07), Burlington Community School District
Beverly Simone, Southeastern Community College President
Bruce Slagle, Burlington City Manager (1998-2008)
Garry Thomas, Burlington City Councilman
Larry Flaherty, Mediapolis Mayor
Dan Luttenegger, Burlington Police Chief
Tom Clements, Burlington Fire Chief
Randy Winegard, Winegard Company President and CEO
Steve Delaney, Editor/Publisher of The Hawk Eye
Jeff Bergman, Des Moines County Conservation Board Executive Director (1973- 2008)
Dennis Hinkle, Greater Burlington Partnership President and CEO