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Approximate Chronological order for joining the band 1968-2006
(From March 1983 through the present time, Patrick Hazell has performed primarily as a solo musician.)

Founding members--Spring1968
Patrick Hazell-vocals, harmonica, piano; Jeff Weber-bass

Jeff Weber----bass (1968), drums (1975)
Chuck Luther---guitar
Mike Sexton---guitar
Dan Waldhoff -road manager
Ron Lustick---saxophone
John Herbst---drums
Charlie Croop---trumpet, piano, vocals
Gary Buck---guitar

Ellery Temple---bass
Ron Hillis---bass
Dan Roach---bass
John Monick---saxophone
Will Parsons---drums, percussion
Ben McGilmer---percussion
Harry Epstein---percussion
Jim Joelfs---psychedelic lights
Gerald Stevenson--poetry reading

Jon Hazell---percussion, vocals, kazoo
Steve Jensen----trumpet
John English----trombone
Mike Lytle-sound loops and effects, lighting
Gene Anderson-lighting
Chris Parsons-kazoo

Howie Weinberg---guitar, vocals
Chris Singer----vocals
Tom Wilcox---trumpet
Bill French---drums
Bob Ernst-percussion
Lynn Willard--organ

Joe Price----guitar, vocals
R.F. "Bo" Ramsey----guitar, vocals, 6-string
banjo, French horn

Fletcher Henderson "Sonny" Lott----drums
David Silverstone---bass
Mike Pearson----road manager
Mary Fickle ---vocals
Rick Cicalo-----bass

Dwight Dario----drums
Jack "Rock Island Johnny"----sound-tech
Paul Marcusio----road manager
Steve Hayes -----drums

Andre DeLong----bass (recording session)
David "Danger" Meyer---sound, lights, road
Steve T-Bone McPherson---bass, guitar

Kevin Hazell----guitar
Dan Magarrell----saxophone, guitar, percussion, vocals

Tom "Apple" Ruppert----road crew
Kris Lewis----vocals (recording session )
Bill Jansen -----sax (recording session)
Sally Weisenburg----vocals
Brad "Gumby of the Ozarks" Eaton-roadie

Will Kalkhoff---saxophone
Don Berbaum----guitar
David Hazell----trumpet
Jim Viner-----drums
Jon "Kilowatt" Klinkowitz----guitar, vocals

The following 7 musicians will be performing as Patrick Hazell and the Mother Blues Band at the 2007 Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony held by the Iowa Rock 'N' Roll Music Association on September 2, 2007

Patrick Hazell-vocals, piano, harmonica
Steve Hayes--drums
Rick Cicalo--bass
Dan Magarrell--saxophone
Jon Klinkowitz--guitar
Charlie Croop--trumpet
Will Parsons--percussion