FEATURE: 16MM transferred to digital video

Original film was destroyed but sound mix for 3 tracks is still available and will be transferred for best digital audio.


Submitted by Metatron: Diane Troyer (818-795-2407)

Feature done in 1969 after husband arrived home in body bag (killed June 13, 1969)

Considered by viewers the only true depiction of the essence of that time

Ritualistic witch scream shot in July and August 1969.

Tarot experts consider our Tarot cards authentic.

Tarot cards in Encyclopedia of Tarot as transition deck from Piscean to Aquarian Age.

Predicted Charlie Manson as his girls were performing the murders (not known till Nov).

Predicted social movements that have been experienced since

It could be interpreted that the time we are experiencing now is shown

Lightning strikes twin towers and the towers collapse

The film is considered beautifully photographed

There is much merchandising attached to this feature.


This film was shot in the summer of 1969 in Iowa City, Iowa. This is the summer when the men were on the moon, Miles Davis’s played Bitches Brew and many body bags were coming home. It was a tense time, many thinking about revolution until the blood of Charlie Manson’s girls made people understand that blood was not an answer. There were many sunspots that year and the atmosphere was filled with tension. This was a time when we knew what war meant.

This feature is the DISCOVERY FOR OUR TIME. It has not been introduced to the public. This feature will also be shown on my patented digital laser projector, which means that it will be Cinerama with true film colors and the highest resolution. This canvas provides a whole new experience.

The film is based on tarot, which means that it has predicted the future since 1969. Seeing the film essentially predicted symbolically what we are experiencing now, September 11, 2001. It is a statement about men and war and why women need to be strong. The world does come to an end (the emperor’s world) but there is a new beginning. In 1969 Charlie Manson was our evil cult leader: today it is Bin Lauden. Our Emperor looked like Charlie Manson in 1969 and he had the energy of Bin Laden today. The evil cultist falls into a pattern; they use violence to cause change. "Are you Hilter, Samson, Jesus Christ or Charlie Manson? Is it Nine O’clock in the Afternoon?" (Song in the film). This movie will cause many to discuss, experience, release, and even enjoy.

Oh to actually see a movie that goes to the heart of 1969! Maybe what was started in 1969 can be finished now. We have been trying to understand, to get closure. Some Pundit said that as of September 11, 2001 that finally the wounds of Viet Nam have closure: that we have stepped through the door. Now it is finally time for this film to be shown on this new canvas.

I suggest four walling the feature in LA, New York and Iowa City, where the film was shot. That means placing laser projectors and large Cinerama screens in 4 theaters. There are many empty big theaters that need a venue. I suggest 30 feet high and 40 feet wide, curved 160 degrees.

The world has been waiting for the new Cinerama experience. Digital Cinerama with film like images, great colors and resolution will be soothing to the audience’s souls. People who saw the re-release of Apocalypse Now said it was an interesting experience. It was a feature seen before and the audience was able to make a comparison with now and then. The Nine O’Clock feature is a true ritualistic experience, which visualizes the late 60’s, and early seventies. Here the comparison is also made.

The film starts in a gas station. The man who runs it plays the Emperor of the Tarot. By the way, the radicals hated the huge conglomerate oil companies and blamed them for much of the war in the 60’s. When individuals go to the gas station restrooms, the man captures them and takes them to his own world that he has created. The created world is beautiful with a round water quarry. There are round images throughout the movie; symbols everywhere and the people first try to fight the Emperor, and then give up and just have a good time (Mazola and nudity, which was a big ritual of rebellion in 1969). Finally they find their power as a group after going through many initiations.

The Emperor looked so much like Charlie Manson that people from California who visited Iowa City (where the film was being shot) walked out furious after seeing the answer print. They thought the star of the film was actually Charlie Manson. We shot the film in July and August of 1969 when the Manson killings took place. The revelation about Manson and his girls came in November 1969, so having a Manson character, as Emperor was a pure fluke, or the power of tarot. The world was shocked at the killing of the pregnant Sharon Tate and group. The Charlie Manson energy was thick in the air, even before the world knew.

I play the Empress and our virgin high priestess is a beautiful 13 years old. The magician, John Eastman, speaks his truths, which still ring strong today. The Emperor, Jim Juilfs, in his Patriarchic desert king way, rules his world that he has created. Chris is 7 and is the fool and the hanged man. Dick Tibbets, his father is the devil who attempts to create his own domain. Every one of the cards and the world they employ is authentic according to the Tarot classic interpretation, even though I did not know that at the time. For instance the fool is also the hanged man.


The film captures the cultural movements since 1969: The far right movement, the woman’s movement, and the new-age consciousness movement. The film depicts Desert Storm or is the depiction of September 11, 2001? The world as it was known is destroyed and a new dimensional consciousness creates a new world. Of course the periods were predicted. We were using tarot cards. No other film has ever been made using tarot cards authentically. Tarot is a scary very strong force.

The film is beautiful. The music original, some comparing it to Miles Davis’s fusion done also in August of 1969. We also use Amazing Grace, long before it became a popular 70’s song and variations of theme music popular at that time. Electronic music is the main focus of the sound track, probably the first feature to have music synthesized background. The New School of Music was in Iowa City and John Cage was down the road in Illinois. The women are beautiful. The men interesting in that they were the only available to be in the feature, because the rest of that age were in Vietnam. There is nudity, a Mazola orgy, a ritualistic chicken killing. It was 1969.

The Emperor tries to control the women (Manson style) and first is very successful. All this is very surrealistic with red dark clouded skies and Iowa summer quarry visuals.

Our original 22 Tarot Cards were chosen for the Encyclopedia of Tarot as the transition deck between the Piscean and Aquarius age. All who participated in the film rituals thought they were making a difference. They still feel that they made a difference by the actual participation in the film. It was the experience of making the film, the ritual that was important.

The film captures the spirit of the time. It could be considered a documentary. It is ritualistic cinema but when people see it now they often weep. They weep because it is obvious that there is passion behind the film. The contrast between that period and now is remarkable. Also the film seems to affect those who were in Viet Nam strongly. Maybe it is because I made the film with the insurance money when my husband was brought home in a coffin (Viet Nam). He was killed Friday the 13th June 1969. Maybe the film should be brought out now for a ritualistic healing for so many who were part of that time.


I conceived, directed, wrote, edited and cut the ABC rolls. The musicians created the music as they watched loosely edited scenes and then I edited the visuals to the music beat. This was innovative for that time.

I submitted the film in the First Woman’s Film Festival held in New York. This was the only feature film submitted. There were not many women making films then. The women voted 4 to 5 not to accept the film. The 4 for the film were very upset that it was not to be shown, but the other 4 said they could not be held responsible for the film’s message (This group were the new feminists). No woman had done an independent feature film that year, so they chose Shirley McLain’s film of her trip to Russia to show in the festival.

I was very upset because my film was definitely a woman’s film and my way of dealing with my husband’s death and Viet Nam, the only way I knew how. I had gotten money from Iowa investors to do a fun film. It became Nine O’Clock In The Afternoon and I had a bigger budget with the insurance money.

The "special preview" was at the Elgin Theater in New York. This is where Jimmy Cliff’s "The Harder They Come" and "Pink Flamingos" played their long runs as late night shows. The theater was filled for the preview of Nine O’clock In The Afternoon. After the showing I took the print back to where I was staying. Thank heavens, because the IRS closed the theater the next day. I had been on TV shows and was touching nerves, that I found out later could have been explosive. Viet Nam was not a good topic.

I now understand absolutely why the women could not show the film. It was my personal expression of mourning and rage. Also I used nudity as an artistic statement, not in a pornographic sense. But nudity was still nudity, and an issue for the early 70’s feminists. Also the film really creates strong emotions and that was not a good idea at that time.

The Iowa Citians loved the film and beg for more showings. Also a print was taken to Germany and it was reported that they showed the film on German television that created a strong response (1970). I gave up trying to get the film distributed through the regular channels and put the film away and went onto other projects, feeling that when it was time to show the film, I would know.

Recently a friend in Los Angeles who works at Complete Post knew I had a feature and offered to transfer it to digital. He had never seen the film, but as a friend wanted to make sure that my work was preserved digitally. Complete Post was training a new person in digital coloration. The trainer saw the film as it was transferred and afterwards asked Tom, my friend, if he had seen the film. When he found out he hadn’t, he arranged a screening. He invited all Complete Post and Tom tells me everyone in the place saw the film and were absolutely enchanted. Many got personal video copies and copied their copies for friends. They decided that there were special effects in that film that they still are not doing on MTV. Tom has watched the video of the film so often, that he knows the dialog by heart. I was delighted that people wanted copies. Copies even got back to Iowa. Tom and other Complete Post people have encouraged me to get the film out.

Just recently a women from Holland saw the film. She was deeply moved. She asked why they had not seen the film when it was made, because it would have helped Europe understand what was happening in the USA in 1969.

The film has merchandising attached. The sound track is beautiful. I was fortunate to have Tom Peterson at Motion Picture Sound in Cleveland, who is a master sound person, mix the sound and help with finishing the film. The tarot cards and word poems attached can be a great coffee table book. Our original Tarot images would make great postures. We also have more than 500 slides, the best can be chosen for a photography book of 1969. The photographer is brilliant and now known in certain circles. He has photograph books published of architecture . The great 1969 photographs in a book would be phenomenal for people to again experience that period.

Another reason I did not get the film out is because I did not understand people’s reactions after seeing the film. Not only were the Vietnam veterans touched, but also viewers had dreams and experiences after viewing the film, very much like a reoccurring acid trip. The Tarot surrealistic experience of the film reaches people on a subconscious level, unlike other features. In fact those that see the film say that it is completely original; that they have seen nothing to compare. I would compare its surreal effect to maybe to Fellini’s Satyricon (1969) or Coppola’s Apocalypse Now.

The patented digital projector can be the new canvas. A digitally stored feature can be projected on a Cinerama, Planetarium, or flat screen. The colors are saturated, brilliant, beyond film, and the digital image is the highest resolution available today. It has been my dream to introduce Nine O’clock in the Afternoon on this new canvas, which would immerse the audience in the feature’s beautiful imagery. Also digital new features can be shown as well as many features reissued such as 2001: The space Odyssey (9 by 16 ratio curved 130 degree or 180 degrees).