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Patrick Hazell Visiting Artist School Program Grades K-12 --Typical Schedule               

This page is for those who are interested in the schedule format that is typical for my school programs for elementary through highschool students. This information is for presentations in which any given student only attends one session. I am also available for more in-depth programs geared to meet specific educational needs and goals that may involve several days or even weeks with a given group of students. Such programs need to be tailored to the educational institution's particular situation and usually vary from school to school. The schedule outline I present below does not address such longer and more involved programs, but instead deals with programs I can present in one meeting with a K-grade 12 student group.

First, I have a program geared especially to elementary students that takes 45-60 minutes to complete--it's perfect for an assembly presentation in front of several hundred elementary school children. In this program I play some of my songs and talk about basic aspects of blues and boogie woogie music while revealing my history as a professional musician, how I started in music, and things that happened along the way. This usually takes about 20 minutes. I follow this with an harmonica demonstration in which I perform on a large variety of harmonicas--small ones, big ones; bass, chord, and tremolo versions, etc. This is generally a very entertaining segment and usually takes at least 20-25 minutes to complete. I cap off the presentation by returning to the piano for a couple more songs and then close the program.

For the older students, my shows are more performance and workshop oriented with the hope of question and answer feedback as I talk about and play music relating to my 45 years as a professional musician. Small classes (10-50 students) are good for this kind of presentation. I also prefer to deal with students who have shown an interest in attending the program--those who already have a special interest in and understanding of music. This need not be limited to only those students involved in the school music programs. There are always a number of students having a high interest in music who are not part of the school band or choirs--they should have access to my sessions. I was once such a student.

Below is an outline of a program typical of my artist-in-the-school presentations for one day:

8:00--9:00AM; arrive at school and set up music equipment/arrange the stage area

9:00--10:00AM; give the performance (school assembly, or workshop for smaller class: 5-25 students)

10:00--11:00AM; strike the stage area and load music equipment back into touring vehicle.

11:00AM--12:30PM; lunch and travel to the next performance site

12:30--1:30PM; set the stage at the performance site

1:30--2:30PM; give the performance (assembly or workshop)

2:30--3:00PM; strike the stage and reload touring vehicle and leave the school area before school buses come to pick up students at the end of the school day.

Equipment needs:

1) Acoustic Piano---tuned to A=440cps (standard orchestra pitch). I refer here to a REAL piano--not an electric keyboard. Since I also play the harmonica while performing upon a piano, the piano tuning is important because the harmonica is a fixed-pitch instrument tuned to A=440cps.

2) Instrument Amplifier (Fender Twin-Reverb or equivalent with two separate audio channels) this is only required if air or rail transportation is needed to reach the program location. For locations within driving range, Patrick Hazell will provide his own amplifier.

3) for large auditoriums, a public address system (PA) may be necessary


I am willing to be flexible with the above schedule if my presentations for a given day are to be given in a single school or institution and I don't have to set up and tear down equipment before and after each presentation. For example, a third or even fourth presentation could be given if I stay put in one room in one school for a day.

Again, for older students--Junior High/High School--I enjoy working with smaller groups of students who have a special interest in my presentations. I would prefer that this group not be limited to only students in the school music programs. there are usually many students with a keen interest in music who are not part of the traditional school programs and it is always satifying to be able to reach them. Given a choice between giving a presentation to a large student body in an auditorium and presenting a workshop to a smaller group, I prefer this second choice. I am perfectly willing to give a performance to the entire student body, but I feel that a more intimate, in-depth experience can happen with a smaller group.