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Elena Popova is a famous Russian ethnologist, folklorist, with a Ph.D. in History. Born in 1968, she graduated from the History department in the Udmurt State University and made her graduate studies in the Ethnology Department of the Moscow State University. After receiving her diploma she studied and graduated from the Audio-Visual Anthropological Center of Moscow State University. Ms. Popova is now Senior Research Fellow of the Ethnology Department in the Udmurt Institute of History, Language and Literature.

Elena Popova has worked in the field of Visual Anthropology since 1993, and in 1995, began working as a scriptwriter and film director for Udmurt State Broadcasting Companies where her projects dealt with the traditional and modern ethnic cultures of the Volga region people. Ms. Popova is also the author of numerous television programs featuring the history and culture of the Finno-Ugrian people and other ethnic minorities-their family and life cycles; children and youth; rituals and popular culture.

She has produced a film series consisting of 15 films on the culture of Mansi and Khanty people who live in Western Siberia (TV "Jugorija". Khanty-Mansijsk, Russia, 2001, 2002).These films were then used in regional and international Ethnology and Anthropology Cinema research seminars and congresses.

2000 - Baba Anya
1999-2002 - Film series: Just a Story
2002 - Series of ethnographic documentaries for television on the various cultures within
the Udmurt Republic
2003 - Reed
2003 - At Zhaky Apay
2004 - Carnival
2004 -Besermyans                                                                                                                       

1997, XI International visual anthropology festival - Estonia, Parnu,
1999, St.-Petersburg Film festival
2002, IV New Documentary International Festival. Russia, Perm,
2002, Third Russian Anthropological Film Festival.
2002, Northern Traveling film festival. Salekhard,.
2004, Second Moscow Internnational Visual Anthropology Festival and Conference, M.V.
Lomonosov Moskow State University,
2004, IV Festival of Visual Culture. Joensuu, Finland.
2004, IV Russian Anthropological Film Festival. Northern Traveling film festival. Salekhard,

1999, Prize for the Best Anthropological Film - St.Petersburg Film festival
2002. III Russian Anthropological Film Festival. Northern
Traveling film festival. Salekhard, Russia
· Special prize of the Jury.
· Special prize of the journal, Severnyje Prostory
· Spectators' Prize
· Best Anthropological Film
2004. Prize for the. IV Russian Anthropological Film Festival. Northern Traveling film festival.
Salekhard, Russia,